Our Expertise

Maybe you have wondered which lawn care or landscaping company is the best in Florence South Carolina… And we can proudly say that WE ARE! Let us show you some of our services.

Professional landscaped garden in Florence, SC by Green Stripes


Your home landscape is an extension of your personality and has the potential to improve your mood...

Lawn Care

Lawn Care is not simply a vanity project: a healthy lawn is important to the larger environment. People benefit from...

Pressure Wash

Pressure wash removes mold and mildew, which are damaging to both your home and the health of your family...


Prunning and Triming

Trimming is important for the health of your hedges, trimming out dead or disease parts of the plant will keep the hedge...

Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Service

Choosing between professional landscaping and lawn care services versus doing it yourself is a question many homeowners face in Florence, SC. While it may seem cost-effective to maintain your own yard, hiring a reputable lawn care or landscape service can bring many benefits. At Green Stripes, our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing quality services that will exceed your expectations. Here are some reasons why choosing our professional lawn care or landscaping service makes sense:

  • 1. Save time and effort with our expert services
  • 2. Our knowledge and skills ensure high-quality results
  • 3. We use eco-friendly practices for an environmentally responsible outdoor space
  • 4. Our services can increase your property value and curb appeal
  • 5. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs

Choose Green Stripes for your lawn care and landscaping needs in Florence, SC and let us bring your outdoor space to life. Contact us today to learn more.

What Our Clients Say

""So professional and did a wonderful job on the entire house. I can't wait to get some more things done. My house has already gotten compliments and neighbors stopping by to get the number of the landscapers"" .
Tesah Spriggs
""Green Stripes has been taking care of my yard for two years, they have done a great job. They are very thorough and professional, always go above and beyond to care for my Lawn’s needs. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a serious company.""
Alfredo Martinez
""Calidad, Capacidad de respuesta, Precio, Profesionalismo, Puntualidad""
Julianna Battenfield
""Juan and his crew is amazing! They did an amazing job and I will use no one else for my lawn. Period!!""
Sarah Jewell